Introducing TopSpin360 & The Science behind the Revolution

If you are just learning about TopSpin 360…welcome! Please take a look at the video above so you can be introduced to the Revolution in Neck Training.

Click the video link below to learn from the inventor, Dr. Theo Versteegh, PhD, on the science behind the revolution and learn how to take an active approach to concussion risk reduction and improve your athletes’ neck muscle’s Rate of Force Development.


Introduction to the neck training revolution TopSpin360 – SD 480p

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SAFE! The TopSpin360 uses self generated centripetal force, it is inherently safe as individuals can only spin the weight as fast as their neck muscles can work, and like a hulahoop, the weight stops spinning if those muscles fatigue or lose coordination. Improves strength in all three planes of neck motion.


The TopSpin360 is our flagship dynamic neck training device. This is the first, truly multi-planar* neuromuscular training device that strengthens the neck dynamically through self-generated centripetal force. The faster the individual spins the weight, the more centripetal force is generated and the faster and stronger the neck muscles must contract and respond to keep the head stable on the body, training the muscles to protect the head from sudden impulse loads.

*(improves flexion/extension, side flexion AND rotation strength

  • Low friction dual-bearing system for improved training response and stability
  • Rigid, lightweight design
  • Fully adjustable inflation helmet
  • Bluetooth ™ Low Energy device and high capacity battery, provides weeks of training between charges
  • Custom training app through Google Play and the Apple App store

Limited quantities available. Click below to inquire about pricing and availability.

Our Projects

TopSpin360 is currently being used by numerous professional sports teams and researchers throughout North America.

It’s something we take very seriously. We need to make our contact sports safer and we hope that this is something that will strengthen our players’ necks and help reduce concussions.

– Western University Football Team Head Coach Greg Marshall


Peer-reviewed published research on the TopSpin360:

  • Evaluating the Effects of a Novel Neuromuscular Neck Training Device on Multi-planar Static and Dynamic Neck Strength: A Pilot Study. Journal of Strength and Conditioning research. Link


Formal TopSpin360 clinical research currently underway:

  • EMG (Electromyography – a way to measure muscle activity) changes before and after training on the TopSpin360 in healthy adults.
  • Effects of training on the TopSpin360 on static and dynamic neck strength, neck strength balance and 40 yard dash performance in female varsity athletes (women’s soccer and rugby): NCT03844087
  • Examining the use of the TopSpin360 for the treatment and rehabilitation of sport related concussion in adolescents and young adults with prolonged symptoms (>28 days) and cervicogenic symptoms (neck pain): NCT04159298


Anecdotal and non-peer reviewed evidence:

  • 20 university level high-concussion risk football players (starters from high risk positions) trained on the TopSpin360 during the pre-season, ZERO experienced a concussion the following season (given risk profile, expected number was 3-5 concussions)
  • University women’s volleyball team went from 7 concussions in 2018 to ZERO in 2019 after implementing TopSpin360 training during the off-season
  • University women’s soccer team went from an average of 3-8 concussions per year to ZERO following implementation of TopSpin360 training during the off-season

For every one pound increase in neck strength, odds of concussion decrease by 5%. We conclude that identifying differences in overall neck strength may be useful in developing a screening tool to determine risk of concussion.

Collins, C. L., Fletcher, E. N., Fields, S. K., Kluchurosky, L., Rohrkemper, M. K., Comstock, R. D., & Cantu, R. C. (2014). Neck Strength: A Protective Factor Reducing Risk for Concussion in High School Sports. The Journal of Primary Prevention, 35(5), 309–319.

Neuromuscular training designed to enhance cervical muscle dynamic responses may be a more suitable and effective approach than strength training to reduce the odds of sustaining high-magnitude head impacts among football athletes.

Schmidt, J. D., Guskiewicz, K. M., Blackburn, J. T., Mihalik, J. P., Siegmund, G. P., & Marshall, S. W. (2014). The Influence of Cervical Muscle Characteristics on Head Impact Biomechanics in Football. The American Journal of Sports Medicine, 42(9), 2056–2066.

In conclusion, the results of this study suggest that greater neck strength accentuates the head’s dynamic response to external forces. These relationships hold true in all planes of head motion and across the age spectrum in athletes of both sexes.

Eckner, J. T., Oh, Y. K., Joshi, M. S., Richardson, J. K., & Ashton-Miller, J. A. (2014). Effect of Neck Muscle Strength and Anticipatory Cervical Muscle Activation on the Kinematic Response of the Head to Impulsive Loads. The American Journal of Sports Medicine.

Techcellence AWARD in Innovation for 2016

Techcellence AWARD in Innovation for 2016

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AWARD for Innovation for 2016

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NRC Industrial Research Assistance Program